Undergrad Projects



As part of the AAS program at NYSID, the Contract I class teaches the principles of designing public spaces.  I designed the space below to act as the headquarters for the non-profit Fractured Atlas.  More than 5,000 feet have been carved out to allow for focused individual analysis, collaborate group discussions and brainstorming sessions for their personnel.



As part of my ongoing curriculum of NYSID, I took part in a semester of Rendering.  We studied a number of ways to render drawings in order to give depth and character to floor plans, elevations and perspectives.  We honed our technique in pencil, colored pencils, pastels, graphite, and watercolor.

These renderings are of my actual apartment’s space, but kicked up a notch with potential design schemes and color (hence the wallpaper along the East wall).  They gave me the chance to imagine what my space could look like before settling in,

East wall

Southern wall view

I also did the same for my parents home, a seaside house they built recently at the Jersey shore.  Coming up with a perspective drawing of the main living room was key to showing how the space would look, how the furniture should be sized, etc.

20141102_140834 (1)

Living Room Perspective

20141102_140652 (3)

Living Room Perspective, with color

The work-in-progress is below:OC Living Room 1 (1)


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