Housing Works Hustle

One of the challenges of moving from a studio apartment into something a bit larger is “filling in” the space.  And doing it in a way that feels organic versus rushing to accumulate lots of accessories at once.   The biggest project will filling up my shelves.  What once seemed like a respectable book collection now looks pretty darn paltry on the open white space that’s swallowed them up. I’ve collected some special accessories over the years (hello favorite seltzer bottles!) but it’s time to hunt for more.


Luckily, I love the hunt.  And I’ve never been one to rush things.  (You’re welcome to apply this analysis to my love life. I certainly have).  Anyway, rather than scooping up an “instant”  accessory spread at a West Elm or elsewhere, I’d rather build an arrangement over time to add a patina that matches the age and character of my place.

I’ve always loved scavenging through stores like Housing Works and Vintage Thrift for good finds, but it’s hard not to pick up too much “junk” for someone like me who both loves a good deal and refurbishing random stuff.  I’m trying hard to be ruthlessness in my editing; if I don’t absolutely love something, it doesn’t make it through my front door.  I got lucky today at Housing Works in Chelsea and found the pieces above, all at what I’d consider a bargain ($47 total).  Yahhtzzee!



The candlesticks I’ve incorporated onto the mantle, and the trash bin I’ve repurposed as an umbrella holder by my front door.


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