Scalloped Accent Wall


One of my goals this summer is to create an accent wall behind my headboard.  I’ve contemplated a scallop motif ever since I was inspired by this image from Design*Sponge of a teal scalloped bathroom tile:

Bathroom Title (Source:  Genevieve Gorder, as seen in "Design*Sponge"

Bathroom Title (Source: Genevieve Gorder, featured in “Design*Sponge”)

While I love the repetition of the shape, there’s something about the variation in color that appeals to me; it’s anything but flat.  I’ve since seen inspiration everywhere, and just designed something that’s in line with the scale of my wall.  It turns out, the scallop I’ve been attempting is actually just an arc repeated over and over.  After drafting a few versions, I’m opting for the pattern on the left:IMG_2080

As for creating a stencil out of my drawing, I’ll leave that tedious project for another (rainier!) day.  Stay tuned…


Small Details, Big Impact



Ever struggled with writers’ block?  I think I have the designing equivalent.

It’s my master bedroom (sidenote: can I rename it?  Being “master” of your household feels odd when you’re the only one in it.)  This room has been feeling pretty basic since I moved in.  It’s got a nice bed, solid white bedding, and good floors.  But each time I try to accessorize it with teal, green and coral colors, they fall flat and clash with the walls that, lately, seem more khaki than the gray I was aiming for (I’m not a fan of khaki but I’m #alreadycommitted).  Enter: slate blue.  Blue isn’t in my apartment’s color palette aside from the turquoise I have sprinkled about.  To me, classic blues have always felt safe, nautical, preppy.  All great, but not the feeling my space evokes.  But slate blue seems to take on a new feeling.

With another successful trip to Housing Works, I found this wonderful pillow cover amid a stack of designer samples.  I love the embroidery and the pink accents.  As with many items I find without price tags, I played that game “what’s it worth to me?”  I came up with $15-$20, the price I’d be willing to pay once I got to the register.  If it was anything more, I walk.

Drumroll…it was $2!  Once home, I stuffed the cover with a castoff pillow I was tired of, and sure enough it did wonders to wake up my room.  The walls sang, the shams popped, and a new color palette revealed itself.  Now all I need is a span of one uninterrupted week to paint an accent wall behind the bed.  (A girl can dream…)