Small Details, Big Impact



Ever struggled with writers’ block?  I think I have the designing equivalent.

It’s my master bedroom (sidenote: can I rename it?  Being “master” of your household feels odd when you’re the only one in it.)  This room has been feeling pretty basic since I moved in.  It’s got a nice bed, solid white bedding, and good floors.  But each time I try to accessorize it with teal, green and coral colors, they fall flat and clash with the walls that, lately, seem more khaki than the gray I was aiming for (I’m not a fan of khaki but I’m #alreadycommitted).  Enter: slate blue.  Blue isn’t in my apartment’s color palette aside from the turquoise I have sprinkled about.  To me, classic blues have always felt safe, nautical, preppy.  All great, but not the feeling my space evokes.  But slate blue seems to take on a new feeling.

With another successful trip to Housing Works, I found this wonderful pillow cover amid a stack of designer samples.  I love the embroidery and the pink accents.  As with many items I find without price tags, I played that game “what’s it worth to me?”  I came up with $15-$20, the price I’d be willing to pay once I got to the register.  If it was anything more, I walk.

Drumroll…it was $2!  Once home, I stuffed the cover with a castoff pillow I was tired of, and sure enough it did wonders to wake up my room.  The walls sang, the shams popped, and a new color palette revealed itself.  Now all I need is a span of one uninterrupted week to paint an accent wall behind the bed.  (A girl can dream…)


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