Holiday House NYC

Academy Mansion

Academy Mansion

I had a chance to check out Holiday House NYC this weekend, an annual benefit to raise money for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.  The event was held in an old mansion on the Upper West Side.  I volunteered through my school and had pretty sweet access to the rooms on display.

While the rooms were  fabulously done (more below) the old soul in me was fascinated by building itself, The Academy Mansion (aka Ziegler House) and it’s been vacant for 8+ years.  No one lives there!  Once a year, it’s brought back to its shiny self by a team of 12 designers who each take a room and put their own stamp on it.  I came away with some good nuggets of inspiration.  Here are some of my favorites.

This Living Room, by J. Cohler Mason Design.  I love the clean lines and the way the draperies draw the eye up to the ceiling that’s wallpapered in a glossy black snakeskin print.  Sexy!

Living Room

Living Room

Not sure who designed the power room, but sometimes it’s the small rooms that pack the most punch.  I’m loving the wallpaper motif.  It’s reminiscent of a half moon pattern I’ve been thinking of painting behind my headboard in my bedroom.

Powder Room

Powder Room

Speaking of my bedroom accent wall project, I’ve been cataloging a few inspiration sources and recently spotted a similar pattern on a tube of lipstick at Sephora in Tarte’s Glamazon Lipstick, below.  Just shows that inspiration can come from anywhere.

Glamazon Lipstick by Tarte


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